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“5 Australian Novels that should be read atleast once in a lifetime”

Australia is a country that has excelled big time in almost every aspect of life. Whether its entertainment, sports, science, arts or technology, you name it and they have it. But I guess many of you might not know that Australia has also excelled big time in the world of literature as well. Australia has produced many award winning writers, poets and novelists. As now it’s almost summers in Pakistan and many students recently got done with their exams and now are looking for some pastime activities to kill their newly found excess free time. So let me take you all to an intellectual yet colorful trip to the literary world ofAustralia.


One thing that’s similar about most of the Aussie writers is that they do compliment their homeland’s scenic beauty and lush valleys as often as they can. Some of the well-known authors from Australia include the award winning author Peter Carey, J.M Coetzee*, David Malouf, Shirley Hazzard and many others.

Being a die-hard fan of literature I fell in love with some of the most heart touching Australian novels. These novels will leave you spell bounded and once you start reading them I know you’ll find it hard to put them down.

So following are some of the novels that I believe should be read at least once in your lifetime :

1.      After The Fall by Kylie Ladd :

“After The Fall” is about two happily married couples: Kate and Cary, Luke and Cressida. These four individuals meet accidentally and become friends. Everything between them was going hunky dory and the married couples were enjoying their time together but suddenly Luke and Kate discovers that there’s a magnetic force that is bringing them closer despite both being married. That magnetic force turns into love, and then becomes an affair to remember. The affair shattered the lives of these four individuals and now nothing in their lives will remain same ever again.

The Sydney Morning Herald has called the novel “A subtle, moving and perceptive story of love, loss and hope.’


2.      Disco Boy by Dominic Knight :

 Disco Boy revolves around the life of Paul, a law graduate and working as a DJ. Paul is habitual of making fun of his own life with his friends and family members. The novel tells you how it’s easier to joke about yourself and calling yourself as a failure than actually getting to work. The readers can actually identify with the character of Paul who finds it easier to waste his time than actually getting back to work and doing the things that he’s been delaying for so long. An aspiring musician who can’t find the time to write that hit song he’s been planning to write since ages and to confess his love to his best friend’s girlfriend , there are lots of things that Paul is planning to do it but usually procrastination gets the better out of it. This book will definitely going to give its readers that “been there, done that” feeling. Read the book if you wanna relive your life as a young adult!.


3.      The Spare Room by Helen Garner :

 Helen had no idea that her life is about to change for good just by offering a spare room to an old friend. Helen’s fifteen year old friend Nicola has arrived in her city for the treatment of a disease that she has been suffering from. The disease turned out to be none other than cancer. Now Nicola is determined to cure her disease in her own way although Helen has other plans for her but Nicola isn’t listening to her. Nicola’s battle with cancer not only changes her life forever but also the lives of those who are around her.


4.      The Man Who Loved Children by Christina Stead :

The Man Who Loved Children is known as a contemporary classic of Australian and international literary world. The novel is about family life. The novel revolves around the lives of Sam and Henny Pollit who shares a love and hate relationship. Their problem is they have too many children and too little money to support them. The novel is a book of relations, love and hope. It tells you how parents fulfill the needs of their children no matter what the circumstances are.


5.      Seven Little Australians by Ethel Turner:

 Seven Little Australians is the story of Captain Woolcot and his seven children. All of them are completely different from one another. They light up Mr Woolcot’s every single day. But most of the times they get out of control and drive Captain Woolcot crazy. Seven Little Australians is about Mr. Woolcot and his seven children’s small world which is full of happiness, laughters, tears and infinite love.


Anita Burgh once said in one of her novels that Australia is one of those countries that need to be visited at least once in your lifetime.  If you plan to visit Australia for higher education or for permanent migration so do contact AINiT Consultancy Services. AINiT CS is a registered and certified organization with the government of Australia and has sent over 700 students and professionals to Australia so far.


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Written by Danish Maqsood

Published by AINiT’s Editorial Team


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14 Things You Didn’t Know About Australia

Many of you might not believe it but Australia is one of the most interesting and mysterious countries that one can ever think of. It is indeed one of the most successful and most well affluent countries. But there are a lot of interesting facts about this country that I am sure you dont know. So grab a cup of coffee… No, I think a can of pepsi would be better as it’s summers these days. So I am giving you the liberty to grab any drink or snacks of your choice and read some amazing facts about this amazing country that I am sure you didn’t know before.

Following are 14 interesting facts about Australia that I am sure you didn’t know before. Do let me know if you know more such interesting facts about Australia.

1. Australia is the sixth largest country of the world and it occupies an area of over 7.6 million square kilometres. It also has world’s 3rd largest ocean territory.

2. Dont get surprise if you find Kangaroo meat in the supermarkets and butcher shops all over Australia. It is also available in certain restaurants. It is said that Kangaroo meat is a leaner and more healthier substitute of beef or lamb meat and only 1-2 percent of fat can be found in the meat of a Kangaroo.


 3. Australia is one of the most multicultural countries on the planet. Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Chinese, Japense , Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Filipinos etc almost everyone can easily be found in Australia. The country is also known as one of the most non-racist countries on the planet and it’s no wonder why people belonging to different races and religions prefered Australia over other countries.

4. No hat, no play?. In Australia, school children have to wear a hat during recess to shield them from the sun rays and that’s mandatory for them. No hat means they will have to sit under shade during their recess time.

5. It is also called as the most immigrant friendly country on the planet. People from over 200 countries are said to be migrated to Australia and with each passing day the immigrant ratio in Australia is increasing.


6. More than 25 percent of Australians belong to another country.

7. Professor Macfarlane Burnet was the first Australian to receive the prestigious “ Australian of the Year award ” in the year 1960 on his path breaking physiology research.

Nicole Kidman-Wallpaper-5

8. If your thinking it’s only USA or UK that has produced some big stars or celebrities. So I think you literally need to do some serious google. Australia has always been very active when it comes to media and arts. The X-Men guy Hugh Jackman is from Australia. Hollywood’s one of the most highest paid actresses Nicole Kidman is also from Australia. Miley Cyrus’ex fiance Liam Hemsworth is also an Australian actor. Other Australian actors and celebrities include Naomi Watts, Cate Blanchett, Geoffrey Rush, Hugo Weaving, Kylie Minogue, Chris Hemsworth, Toni Collette, Simon Baker, Heath Ledger, Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, Anthony LaPaglia, Eric Bana, Ryan Kwanten etc.


9. Australian flag has always been the topic of debate because of it’s uncanny resemblance to the flag of United Kingdom. It is said that the Australian flag is still a controversial issue due to the noticeable British Union Jack on the flag of Australia as it doesn’t represent the modern day society of Australia.


10. Australia religiously believes in women’s rights. It is the second country on the planet to give women the liberty to vote way back in the year 1902.


11. Despite being a sports loving country. But interestingly Australia is one of the most obese countries on the planet.

12. It is no secret that Koalas and Kangaroos can be found in Australia. But let me tell you Koala isn’t a bear. The Koala is a marsupial, not a bear. So when next time you see Koalas in a movie, so please dont add the word “bear” with them.


13. Elections are around the corner in Pakistan and I am sure many of you would be too lazy to go out and vote. Even I dont plan to give my precious vote to any political party. But let me tell you voting is compulsory in Australia.


14. Australians have a thing for giving different names to ordinary things. Just like in Australia cotton candies are called “fairy floss” and all other candies are called “lollies”.

Anita Burgh once said in one of her novels that Australia is one of those countries that needs to be visited at least once in your lifetime.

So if you have been thinking about migrating to Australia for higher education, shifting your business abroad or for any other reasons. Feel free to visit us at : www.ainit.net.au or email us at enqimmi@ainit.net.  Call us at 021-35883852-3-4 ( Karachi Office) , +61 297596761 ( Sydney Office )

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Written by Danish Maqsood

Published by AiniT’s Editorial Team



Why Australia ?

Let’s put first things first. If I just tell you that Australia is one of the best countries around the globe when it comes to education, jobs and residing. You might not believe it. So now let me just give you a short sneak peek of this “heaven on earth” and then I’ll give you the liberty to decide it by your own.


Being known as the sixth largest country on planet earth when it comes to area. This country has been going strong , has worked hard and still riding high. The country is also known as one of the most highly developed and most wealthiest countries of the world. It is also said that Australia is the world’s 12th biggest economy. Australia excels in a number of departments that includes : health, education, business liberty, economic liberty, quality of life, political rights and the protection of civil freedom. It is also said that people who even visit Australia for a very short span of time or for vacations usually fall in love with this remarkable country and decides to extend their trip or even go applying for permenant citizenship.


Nothing can beat Australia when it comes to education or higher studies. In Australia students are not relegated to only a few courses and degrees but instead they have a wide variety of options in front of them. Usually in Pakistan students would either go for a MBBS degree, B.Com, BBA or Engineering. But here students have the liberty to do what they feel like. There are zillions of courses and degrees that are offered to students that can take them to an entirely different world. It has been reported that Australian graduates are the hot favorites of international employers. As Australian education system can be called as the epitome of effectiveness and success, so the international employers are said to be trusting Australian graduates blind foldedly. Even Australia provide expert advice other countries that are anxious to improve their education system and standards.


Not only this country offers incredible educational services, this country is also humble to everyone regardless of the person’s ethnic origin, race, class or color. A number of Pakistani, Indian and Srilankan employees are working in multi-nationals. A good amount of them have also started their own businesses there and plan to indulge in more entrepreneurial ventures.


Ofcourse, we all need a break from our hectic lives and give little peace and relaxation to the most important organ of our bodies that is “our brain”. So if you really need a break from your busy life. So Australia can definitely provide you that. Australia is a lively, young, enthusiastic and hospitable country. It’s also famous for its beautiful and breath taking locales, the exuberant night life and what not. This country is more like a small world in itself that offers everything that is the desire or the requirement of a perfect life.


Stop waiting…. Live the life that you have always dreamed about. We can definitely help you in turning all your fantasies into a reality.

Written by Danish Maqsood

Published by AiniT’s Editorial Team

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