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Study Abroad- Do’s and Don’ts

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You can definitely have the time of your life while studying abroad. One gets exposed to new cultures, customs, traditions, rituals, religions, foods, art, media and most importantly new languages. Studying abroad can open unlimited opportunities for an individual and living thousands miles away from home can make an individual more responsible and confident. Studying and working abroad with culturally diverse people also enhances an individual’s leadership skills which is very crucial to survive in our ever changing world. And indeed it’s no big secret that graduates from Australia or Canada are given more preference and it has been reported that Australian graduates are known as the “hot favorites” among the international employers. As Australian education system can be called as the epitome of effectiveness and success, so the international employers are said to be hiring Australian graduates without giving a second thought. Studying abroad can definitely change your life for good but there are a couple of things that students should keep in mind. So we present you the “do’s” and “don’ts” of studying abroad. So grab a cup of coffee, tea or any drink of your choice and read on.


  1. Step out of your comfort zone and have the time of your life. Try as many new things as you can. Go bungee jumping, skydiving or river rafting. Our boring lives indeed need a dose of adventure at times.
Do try skydiving in Australia

Do try skydiving in Australia


2. It is difficult to escape homesickness once you’re miles away from your home. But trying to stay updated with what’s happening back home via social media is a rather dumb idea, it will result in more homesickness let alone solving the issue. You can exchange all sorts of gossips with your friends and family members once you get back home.


3. Although it’s like a sigh of relief when you find people belonging to your nation abroad and indeed you get along with them a lot better than the rest but do meet and interact with the locals from another country as well. They can tell you the best about the country, its culture, politics and social life.


4. Indeed studying abroad can be a bit expensive but believe me it’s worth it. A degree from Australia or Canada can catapult you to a life-long successful career. So stop worrying too much about the costs of studying abroad because at the end of the day you’ll be proud of your decision.


5. Once you’re in a new country, it’s important that you take steps to learn the national language of that particular country or any other language that you’re newly made friends are fluent in. It always works as a bonus when employers get to know that the candidate can speak in more than 2-3 languages.

For heaven sake ! Don't pack too much !!

For heaven sake ! Don’t pack too much !!


6. Please don’t pack too much and don’t carry too many suit cases. If you’re going abroad for studies, so definitely you’ll be there for a couple of years. So don’t pack those things that can you easily purchase in the host country. Don’t pack stuff like shampoos, soaps, tooth paste, hair gels, hair sprays etc. You never know you may find your new favorite hair gel in the host country.

Don't forget to capture your precious moments in the camera lens.

Don’t forget to capture your precious moments in the camera lens.


7. I know this one will going to sound a bit crazy but yes take as many photos as you can while you’re abroad. Take photos when you’re at Sydney Opera House or having a group study session with your friends. Because you know we all love to brag at times :P. On a serious note we all love to relive those precious moments once we pass them. So a photo album can send you to a great nostalgia trip anytime you want.


8.  Indeed we all need a break from our hectic lives but partying every night is definitely not a smart choice. It’s very important that you make a formal budget plan that how you’re going to spend your money. Drinks and drugs may not only going to work as a hindrance in your career but one can also lose his credibility in front of his teachers and colleagues for good. 

Do try the local food. You never know which new cuisine becomes your next favorite !

Do try the local food. You never know which new cuisine becomes your next favorite !


9. Trying out new food is a lot like going on a treasure hunt. So do try the local food. You never know which new cuisine becomes your next favorite.

Anita Burgh once said in one of her novels that Australia is one of those countries that need to be visited at least once in your lifetime.  If you plan to visit Australia for higher education or for permanent migration so do contact AINiT Consultancy Services. AINiT CS is a registered and certified organization with the government of Australia and has sent over 700 students and professionals to Australia so far.


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Official Website : http://www.ainit.net.au .

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Written by Danish Maqsood

Published by AINiT’s Editorial Team


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